Friday, May 26, 2006

Serendipitous incompetence

Hey Laaaadiiieess

Heeey Laaaadies!

Just for mp, a gratuitous cat photo in a vanity blog.

So, whilst searching through my chaotic collection of digital photographs (in myriad folders and tarballs) I managed to discover the photos of my trip to the US a couple of years ago. I had hitherto thought them lost forever in a hideous rm -rf . accident, but happily my sloppy filing saved them from destruction.

Yay chaos!

I'll get them online when I sort them out - I know my Brazillian chum wanted a copy and I coul dnever find them.

I know I promised a juicy blog entry last time (with added leeches!) but, um, I didn't get around to it, what with Work and all that. I'll do so on the weekend. I might have to do some kind of drawing of a leech though.


sesq said...

"let's tape the box up and roll it down the hill", he says.
R is on my bed. So is a box. The box moves more than R does. There is a kitten in it, by default. And a book holding the box closed, thanks to R.

"I am a stable drunk," he says.

please could you post more gryff photos? in particular, some comparing his size with say the "hobbit" skeleton discovered a few years back (homo floriensis, i think?)

snerd said...

I can do that, should work out how to drive flickr or something similar, though I suppose the properly geeky thing to do would be to put them on my Confluence instance