Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Vale, ex-RH-BNE hifi thingy

Our stereo died. All it does now is make feeble mumbly noises out of the right main speaker. The absurd flashing light display still works fine.

I bought this from RH BNE when they sold off some stuff prior to moving from Fortitude Valley to Milton, along with a leather office chair. The office chair's castors are falling off, and now this. Might be time to actually Buy Something Decent ...

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ememem said...

would you like mine, robbie? it is a panasonic-type, 2 years old, and i have never been that happy with the cd-aspect of it, as the fuckers gave me the display model, which doesn't play cds brilliantly all the time. it has bi-wiring and such, plays radio very well, audio cds, mp3-cds, tapes, but most importantly has a plug you can.. er.. plug into the computer or dvd-player etc with. So you can AMP UP THE SOUND on your Futurama, DOOD!!