Sunday, February 04, 2007


Don't know why I thought of this today. Feeling a little insomiaish, so a quick branedump might be theraputic.

So, I'm four interviews done, with another one possible. Then there's the background check, to ensure that I'm not actually a thieving liar. Seems like a good gig, so here's hoping.

Been playing with livejournal a bit - I like the community features, and certainly it seems everyone I've ever met, ever, seems to have some kind of presence there, but so far I'm still happy enough with Blogger, mainly because of it's Googleness (I can use it as an embedded blog for other domains, like, for example, BIV 2007).

Tried the BookCrossing thing (yay pub!), and only realised I'd actually met Trainman a couple of days later.

And now, Sleep, the Sleepening.

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