Sunday, April 23, 2006

Tweaking my funnel

Playing with Google Analytics is curiously compelling. I thought I didn't care about the exit-analysis of my websites, but I was wrong!

Must drive visitors to site! Make pretty graph go up! Shiny, pretty graphs! Drive visitors to site! Nnngggg! How to drive visitors to site!




em said...

GLORY BE. ASCII pron. did you ever see 'ASCII art farts', either? my favourite was a little ascii crucifixion, subtitled,
or something like that"

always meant to put it on a tshirt. :}

snerd said...

I didn't see that, but I was the envy of all my friends because my Microbee had an incredibly lame program that would remove a lady's bikini. PHWOAR, PCG PUBES.

em said...

Bwaha! I would have delighted in that back in 1994. I've probably told you this story, but in case: in 1994, I won a 15 page book of Microbee programs. (In a school wide, compulsory, month-long Science competition. At a private school which charged oodles of fees. Ah, how impressed I wasn't.) Oddly enough I was able to access a Microbee to program, too! Ahh, state school funding.